08 February 2013

Free pattern - Crocheted boot cuffs

Boot cuffs are underrated accessories. Adding a cuff to you boots can make your feet warm and fashion-wise they can make your outfit look more fun. 
These crocheted cuffs look even more fun than the traditional knitted socks and cuffs. Add them to your plain basic outfit and boots and voila you have instantly added a nice color pop to your outfit.
Crochet-wise, they are a quick project done in maximum 30 minutes and last you forever. The best thing is that you probably don't need to buy yarn for this project and use whatever leftover yarn you have at home.

1 comment:

tena said...

ja sam isplela jedne, ali nikako da ih obujem, a baš su mi slatki (i ovi moji i boot cuffs kao ideja)