03 April 2013

Crocheted 'Chicken' Cosmetic Bag

At the end of the month I am planing to go to a concert to Belgrade, Serbia and I plan to stay there for the weekend. This seems like a big reason to make myself a new cosmetics bag. Where is the fun in life if you always use the same one, right? :D And it reminds me of a chicken.

При крај на месецов треба да идам на концерт во Белград, Србија и планирам да останам таму за викенд. Тоа за мене е доволна причина да си направам нова торбичка за козметика. Не е којзнае што, но мене ме развеселува со незината жолта боја. Незнам зошто ама ме потсетува на кокошка :D

27 March 2013

Yarn review - Moher Special Ebruli - Nako

Yarn : Moher Special Ebruli (Ravelry link)
Brand : Nako (Turkey)
Weight: DK, 100g=550m
Fibers: 80% Acrylic, 10% Wool, 10% Mohair
Gauge: 10x10cm=21x28 stc
Needle Size: 3.5 - 4mm
Hook size: 4.0 mm
Machine wash, 30 C

Price: 2,5 Euros per skein (100gr)

(Image taken for web)

I love self striping yarn. Most of all, because you no matter how much you plan that the stripes will turn out, you always get surprised from the pattern.

Swatch No.1-Crochet Beret , Hook No.3

At first, to test the stripes I started crocheting a beret hat, that turned out to be the worst idea ever.This yarn (like most of multicolored yarns) is not meant to be crocheted. The color change looks very bad and very unnatural. The finished project looks overly colorful and the colors doesn't seem to much when they are crocheted.
Then I had to rip it of because I had no use of it. It is good that I stopped crocheting at the middle of the project because ripping was totally a failure. It couldn't be done. Then again, when you are working with mohair of mohair blends these things happen, so it was expected.

Swatch No.2-Knitted Scarf, Needle size 3mm (Regilar/Straight knitting)

Because I didn't like the colors of the crocheted beret I didn't know what to do with this yarn anymore. It is a good thing that I thought that it can always be used as a knitted scarf. I couldn't be more right. As you can see from the picture, the colors changed perfectly, and the colors combine very well, and the pink color seems to cheer up and brighten up stripes.
the label suggested that you should use 3.5 - 4 mm needle size but for me the best choice was 3 mm and I am not a tight knitter, but I don't want my stitches to look loose.

Swatch No.3 -knitted Beanie, Needle size 3mm (Knitting with circular needles)

Even better choice. I and pain in my fingers knitting this one but worth every second of it. The finished product looks professional and I love it like no other hat before.More pictures here.
The color change looks perfect. I specially like the stripe-circles on the top.

I am very satisfied form the wear of this yarn. After more than a year, it still looks like the first day I wore it. I just wish for the same quality of yarn, but more thick so I can knit it easily and fast.

24 March 2013

Glasses Cozy // Футрола за очила

Spring is here and I needed new pouch/cozy form my glasses. I wanted to make one that would look 'fresh' and bright. Since I want to keep up with my rule of not buying any more yarn until I use up my stash I was left with small choice of fresh colors and decided to use a mix of white, blue and mint. I am happy with it!

Пролетта доаѓа и време беше да си направам футрола за очилата за сонце. Веке некое време се придржувам до моето правило да не купувам конци и волница додека не ги истрошам залихите и затоа немав голем избор на 'свежи' бои. Останаа само овие кои не ни беа доволни за една футрола и затоа ги искористив и двете бои во комбинација со белата.

21 March 2013

Crocheted Candle holders // Хеклани држачи за свеќи

As you can see from the background of the photos my room is covered in wood and it is not as bright as I would like it to be. For some time now I have been putting white decorations so I can get the 'bright and clean' feel when I walk in.
First on the left is a crocheted jar that my friend Gordelicious made. The square one is an old candle holder that I decided to cover with crocheted cozy, and in the back is a vase that I made from old shampoo bottle and also made a crocheted cover for it.
I love recycled projects!!!

Ѕидот од мојата соба е од ламперија и воопшто не ми се допаѓа тој темен изглед на мојата соба. Затоа веке некое време се обидувам да додадам бели предмети со кои ке добијам чувство на белина.
Првиот свеќник од лево е направен од тегла која е прекриена со хеклан дел. Свеќникот е направен од Горде од блогот Gordelicious creative crafts. Коцкастиот свеќник го направив сама, користејки стар свеќник кој го обхеклав со бел памучен конец. Во позадина може да ја видите и вазната која ја направив од старо шише од шампон за кој направив хеклана покривка.
Обожавам рециклирање и реупотреба на стари предмети!


17 March 2013

Virkad giraff, my first crocheted toy // Мојата прва хеклана играчка

Free Pattern: Virkad Giraff
Yarn: various cotton, leftovers from old projects.
Hook No.2,5

As you can see, there are some mistakes that I made, and I need to improve my sc technique of adding and decreasing stitches.

Како што може да видите жирафата е даелку од соврчено исхеклана, имам мал проблем при додавање и доземање на столбчиња, но во иднина ке се потрудам да нема такви дупчиња и испакнатини кои се гледаат на сликите.