06 February 2013

Hot or not - Crocheted flower top

Would you look at that price?!?!?! 1450!!!!! Dollars!!! yes, you are reading it correctly !! OMG, sometimes I wonder what people think when they put this kind of prices to garments that are not that special or you don't need to be expert to make them! But, designers are designers and they can always justify making expensive stuff...and if there are people out there buying them, so be it!

Brunello Cucinelli Top

**Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and I am not paid to do a review.

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MarijaM said...

Секогаш е така, колку пати сум се нашла во иста ситуација, или во продавница или на интернт, нешто толку убаво а толку скапо а си мислам па ова мама ќе го сошие за 1 саат :)