05 June 2011

DIY - Kylie Minogue Crochet Dress

For those of you who know how to crochet then the Kylie Minogue dress is a great project for you. The pattern is not very well written and it is in Russian  but that shouldn't stop you. Just use Google Translate and have a good look at the picture and you wouldn't need any help.

Pattern: Kylie Minogue Crochet dress

За тие кои знаат да хеклаат, фустанот на Кајли Миног е добар и интересен проект за вас. Упатството е напишано на Руски но тоа не би требало да биде проблем, бидејки доволни ви се сликите и Google Translate.


Anonymous said...

Haljina je odlična!

The Fire Inside Me said...

Фустанов ми е прекрасен! ептен ми се допаѓа ;)

sugarhoneybaby said...

Bas je dobra haljina:)

laura said...

Oh wow! this is such a great dress! and thanks for sharing the pattern! hope I can figure it out :)

♥ laura
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