04 January 2008

FO 2007

1.  Hat and bag for my nice.

2. Key pendants and Butterfly key chain

4. Crocheted green dress here and here.

5. Many earrings: one, twothree, ....

6. My CD Holders: here and here.

7. summer pink hat and Crocheted Stripe Hat

8. My mobile pouch and silver cell phone pouch for my mom.

9.Granny square bookmark and the pattern

10.granny square bag and Pink tote bag and also my Bags sewed from old jeans and little white purse

11.Learned the Tunisian crochet

12. yarn container

13. hook case
14. Flash Drive pouch

15. Cable bag

16. crocheted coaster

17. pink-white scarf

18. Mohair flower

19. My Ripple Top

20. Earrings Hanger

21. Granny circles


RecycleCindy said...

Wow you have had a busy 2007 and completed lots of projects. I really like your denim purse and pocket bag. Very cool!


Lorna said...

Jako si mi bila vrijedna ove godine! Puno zabave i u ovoj koja je tek počela!

Carmen Tye said...

Browsing the web I found you! and could not go without saying how many things you did las year!
Very Well done!!

Best wishes for this New Year!
Greetings from Mexico