20 June 2007

New things

There are a lot of interesting things that you can find on the net. These days I was getting a lot of inspiration to do crafty projects.

First, I made these boxes by a tutorial that I found on the net. I will use them for jewelry or maybe for storing my future craft projects.

Second, I made the bottle cap pincushion that I originally saw over at Craftzine :

I wasn't happy with the first one that I made. But, practise makes perfect as they say. Look at the second pincushion on the pic. It looks better and I have a secret. Instead of putting a stuffing , I have put a pom-pom inside. This way, it looks a lot better and it's easier to be made. The pom-pom makes the oval shape perfect. Also, I didn't use hot glue gun. I used all-purpose glue instead.

And at the left bottom of the picture you can see the felted flowers that I bought at the store yesterday. They are super cute. They are attached at the my monitor.

The third thing is the granny that I made a week ago. It's big, I can tell you that. The measurements are 13.5x13.5.

And at last but not least, I had a surprise in the mail today: a letter and post stamps from Lorna (sorry, no pictures).

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