16 June 2007

I got an invitation...

A couple of days ago I have been accepted in Ravelry . I couldn't wait to test it. This site is great. "A knit and crochet community"- as they say.

There are a lot of interesting things. There's a personal notebook where you can put (write) about your projects (finished, in progress, frogged..). You can also put the name and a picture of the project, the yarn, the pattern, and the hooks(needles) that you are using for this particular project. And this is only for your projects.

You can organize all of your stash here. There's a place in your notebook where you can place the numbers of the needles and hooks that you have. You can organize your books, too. And the best thing off all, everyone can see your projects. Also, there are a lot of other things that you can do there. If I tell them I will ruin the surprise.

A great place where you can organize your crochet and knit stuff. I am glad that I joined them. So, go on and add your name to the list. Ravelry is still beta, so you will be beta testers.

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