10 January 2013

Kate Spade Crochet Circle Scarf...OMG!!! the price is unbeleavable

I can't believe my eyes!!!! Is the price right??!!?! What were they thinking when they set the price to $158.00 . First of all  I don't consider this thing to be a scarf, second what would make you buy this scarf? The innovation of using crocheted circles for a scarf? Sure, I have seen some nice scarfs that have circles included in them, but this is just not the right thing to do. 
Also, paying this money means that probably it is very hard to be crocheted and then I would say: "Ok, I don't like it but it is not that easy to be crocheted so I can say that the price is bearable". When I see this Kate Spade Crocheted Scarf I immediately think of easy and fast crochet, beginners level...nothing more!

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