22 December 2012

My crocheted socks...and some knitted ones

It's winter, it is cold and I don't like it...Usually every year I manage to crochet one pair of crocheted socks for me,  every year. I did one pair this year also, but never managed to take a decent photo of them, I am wearing them all the time and like the warm fuzzy feel on my feet.
This is a small collection of socks that I made in the past. I made few knitted ones and although they look very nice they are not as much fun for me, since I am a very slow knitter and crochet is very fun for me.
I still have few unfinished crochet and knit socks and I have no idea if I will ever finish them.


Drangulije said...

:) SUPER su :)

elena's blog said...

slatki se,neznam dali go vide mojot posleden post...citni ako imas vreme..:)

ZxM Style-Squared said...


Izabela Nikolovska said...

Lele prekrasni se, za vo zima se sovrsheni :D