03 March 2011

My Free Patterns-Plarn curtain

Did you know that I have published free patterns?
I have added new pages to my blog so you can easily access them.

One of them is my very first project that I ever did and the one that helped me learn a lot about crocheting.

It is my Plarn Curtain. For those of that don't know, plarn is yarn made form plastic bags.

image uploaded by jkbiberstein

Well, jkbiberstein (that's her nick name on Flickr)  made this curtain and I like it very much. I love the red color that she used for it.
You can see more pictures here and here.


Dragana Honey Daša said...

Slatko jee :)

jubistacha said...

Odlično Drenka.

Jolanda said...

Bravo vrednice :))

Tatjana said...

Ne mogu vjerovati da je to napravljeno od plastičnih vrećica???Izgleda prelijepo!

Anonymous said...

Ma daj...nemogu vjerovati!!!
Predobro izgleda!!!!