04 February 2008

7 Random Facts About Me

I have been tagged by aaidjs. Here are my seven random things.

1. I like to crochet.
2. I have a huge stash of bags. They are bought, crocheted, knitted, sewed....
3. Recently I got an old weaving loom as a gift. It is very big. I don't know how to weave on it, but I will definitely learn. I also would like to own a spinning weel.
4. Most of my friends are surprised with my crocheted work. They think that I have some kind of special gift that I have. They don't realize that crochet is matter of practice. At least, I like to think so.
5. I collect post stamps, crocheted and handcrafted things.
6. I never believed that with my hobby I will meet so many great people on the web.
7. I am still a student, but hopping to finish my studies in one year.

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