30 January 2013

Michaela Buerger crocheted heart t-shirts

Well, this is a nice idea..crocheted hearts stitched in a t-shirt..but 200 dollars ?? I am not so sure about the price...I just cannot justify adding this price to a simple t-shirt..Yes, it has a crocheted heart detail..but let's face it it is a very easy crochet project..even a beginner crocheter can do it...Also the yarn used is very thick and chunky and it can be done in 10 minutes probably..So, adding the 200 Dollar price to it is not really a good idea!
p.s the sweater with a crocheted heart application is 650 Dollars!! Crazy, right?
The designer behind these is Michaela Buerger.

**Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and I am not paid to do a review.

1 comment:

Donatella M. said...

will not invest that much money, but they are lovely indeed... good find and good inspiration!