12 November 2012

Very expensive crocheted hats

When I first was these hats at Anthorpologie I thought to myself WTF?!?!?! I don't want to sound too bad, but who would wear these? I have all the respect for crocheted work, handmade things all that, but this is too much for me. And another big issue is the price. Sorry , but who would pay $160-$190 for a hat?

Let me make a short resume for these hats. They are made from wool, hand crocheted (although it says on the website hand knitted) and they are made from very bulky yarn. First of all, this is beginner crocheters project, and because the yarn is chunky, it will take no time to make it,even if you just started  to learn how to crochet. So why would anyone want to make these hats so pricey??

Then I noticed that these crocheted hats are hand knitted by Mischa Lampert. So I googled her name to see what else she has got. She seems to sell her products everywhere.
Also she uses hand spun wool!! Well this is a good information....It appears that she is very dedicated to her work because making your own hand spoon yarn takes a lot of time. Believe me, I tried it and it wasn't fun and took a lot of time.

Ok, all that information that I found out about her products tells me that she probably uses quality materials and tries to make them handmade in the real sense of the word, making a finished product from scratch...and I do appreciate that....but.....let's be honest, $190 is too much.....because you can buy hand spun yarn on Etsy or Ravelry and can make these hats for a LOT less than that.


Ivana said...

they are expensive but as you said quality is guaranteed
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Donatella said...

funny, I pinned these hats as well. I'm committed to learn how to hand-spun, learning new things is fun! and I agree with you, these hats should take no more than a couple of hours... at the most! xox, d.