22 November 2012

New In - Cotton!!!

Well, it looks like I have broken my no rule for not buying cotton thread or yarn....Well, no body is perfect, right? :/

I have no plan for these beauties, but they look very cute together :)


Ellielche said...

Мммм ми се свиѓаат боите, сигурно нешто преубаво ќе создадеш од нив. :)



Alexandra G.D. said...

Thank you, this means I am not the only one buying new yarn, just because they look so beautiful.

On tuesday I went through the old part of Kranj (a town) and went by a store with yarn and I had to go in just to take a look. And went out with 5 new yarns.

meggy pokins said...

I love this colour combination!

gordelicious said...

Shame on you!!! :) Edvaj cekam da vidam sto ke ispadne od niv :D