03 October 2012

Top 5 Favorite Crocheted Dressses

There are a lot of crocheted dresses on the web and this was a thought decision for me. Selecting 5 out of a hundreds of dresses is a thought decision. It doesn't mean that the others aren't beautiful, I picked these because they were somehow unique to me. Here is my Top 5 Favorite Crocheted dresses and they are nopt given in particular order, meaning they are all wonderful and No.1 for me:

1. Classic white dress with added rhinestones and a bit of lace at the bottom, follow this link below and you will see the pattern for it on Facebook.

2. I was in love in this dress the first time I saw it. And that love never seemed to fade away! It is genious! And I have seen doily dresses before, but none of them were so pretty. You can see more pictures of it here.

3. I call it the  "The hearts dress". I found it recently on Facebook and immediately fell in love in the details of the pattern. Such a beautiful structure and such beautiful motif. There is a free pattern for the crocheted heart and more pictures here.

4. I have been growing my love for this dress for such a long time. I found it on Ravelry here and there is no pattern for it, but I am still planing of doing something similar for myself. This one is a wedding dress, but it can be done in other colors and it would look as fabulous as this one.

5. The Kylie Minogue dress. Few people have crocheted this dress on Ravlery and there was also a free pattern for it that is no longer available. She wears it beautifully!

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