14 September 2010

Blog awards

I have received blog award from fellow bloggers and I think that it is fair to brag about them:

SweetBlogAward-received from Jolanda and "Krpice i konci"

Received from Tanema and "Strasilo Rukotvorine"

And the game "I LOVE":

I'm suppose to tell you 10 thing that i love and I think that I am going to say:
1. My family
2. Crochet
3. Crafts
4. Filigree jewelry
5. Internet, reading blogs
6. traveling

and a lot of other things that i can't even remember now :)


lindolina said...

Hm! Bas si skrta na rijecima :)

Anonymous said...

čestitam na nagradi!
Puno pozdrava:)

gordelicious said...

Cestitki prijateljice!!! :)

iglice said...

Lijepi pozdrav:)