17 January 2010

What makes me happy!

I received this award from Lindolina and Cleo.For this award you have to list 10 things that make you happy.

OK, I admit this is not only a list. I wanted you to get me know a little better.

- My big family!! Including my first cousins!
I live in a big house, with my parents, brother, grandparents, first cousins... It is how I am used to, and I would never change it.

- My mother
I know that everyone says that has the best mom, but she really is. She supports everything I do. My crafts, my faculty, my wishes...everything.
p.s. She is saving money to buy me a new knitting loom. And I already own one that is too big and we cannot set it up because we don't have any space for it. Why she want to buy me another one? Because she knows I like crafts, she thinks that this would mean a lot to me...She rocks!!!

- My crafts, specially crochet!
I may crochet for only 9 years, but I have always appreciated it and I always wanted to learn it. Turns out my mother couldn't teach me because I am left handed and she is right handed crocheter.

- When people like my work.
I suppose that this makes everyone happy.

- Two girls
Natasha is 13 months old and Ilina is 5 months old. They are the daughters of my two (out of three) first cousins.
Before I have never liked kids and I have never imagined having one. I felt very immune to those feelings and feelings in general. Feelings made me feel very strange. I was babysitting Natasha for two months and for that time she woke up such strange feelings in me, that I never new they existed. Now I feel more alive. Also it is like she woke up the femininity in me.
If I was feeling strange before, now I embraced it and there are people that have said to me that there is a difference in me.

- My blog makes me happy.
Maybe that's weird for you, but it makes me happy. When I started it I was a person with low self confidence, but how time passed by I gained more confidence in me and my work. Some other things happened that helped also, but this is the main reason.

-Little things in life make me happy.
Going to the supermarket and shopping for food and everyday items with my dad is one of my favorite things to do. I am happy when I accomplish my given goals and tasks.


bensedin art said...

Male stvari čoveka čine srećnim! Dopada mi se tvoj spisak.

misha said...

Lep post, toliko toga sa čime mogu da se identifikujem :) Good to get to know you better :)

Hobbygåsa said...

That is a lot to be happy for Drenka! And it was good to learn to know you a bit more.

kaća said...

cestitam na nagradici!!!!!!!kod mene imas jos jednu:)..pozdrav!!!!

Anonymous said...

evo i od mene čestitike i ujedno da ti kažem da te i kod mene čeka nagrada. .svrati po nju. .

Nena3110 said...

Lepo si sve napisala.
Hvala sto posecujes moj blog, a ja sam tek danas poslala nesto za tebe, ne znam koliko putuje posta.

Sandra said...

Tebe u životu vesele prave stvari, vidim! Ćvrsto si s nogama na zemlji!
Jako lijep i inspirativan popis!

mamakreativka said...

draga drenka,ova torba ispod mi je prekrasna koliko tražiš za nju?pusa

drenka said...

@Mamakreativka-Poslala sam ti mail.

@ostali-Drago mi je da vi se cvidja post

Pipistrela said...

I ja ti cestitam na nagradi,mada sa engleskom lose stojim, al nekako se pomalo snalazim. Dodji i do mene, i tu imas jednu. Kisss

Drangulije said...

E pa drago mi je sto si radila na razboju... koliko god on bio mali!

Divana said...

Hvala na iskrenosti : )