11 December 2009

Trying new things!

I worked on my project for the swap for the forum Stvaraonica. It has to be a secret, so I am not telling you anything about it. I will as soon as the recipient gets it.

I can say that the theme was flowers and it inspired me to start trying new things. I made flowers, used some beads and this is what I came up with. They need to be assembled. I plan on making 3 necklaces, but I still need to make more flowers and maybe use some more beads.

Also, since I was willing to try new things, I bought 10 sheets of felt cloth, all in different colors and decoupage glue. I was anxious to try the decoupage technique and trued it on a plastic canister. I know it's not perfect, but as for my first project, I am satisfied. Now, I need to find materials to use it. Maybe I will try making something with Cold porcelain. I am in the mood of trying new things, so why not try everything? So, the decision is here: Making cold porcelain and then decoupaging it.

As for the felt cloth, I want to try making some of Wee Folk Art's Patterns. And out of all these things, at the end I may stick with my crocheting and not try anything new. I will see what will happen at the end.


Nataly said...

Ejjj najde filc....superrr i aj sum vozbudena za tebe :))) Jas od "novite raboti" si kupiv Polimerska glina i toa e sledno za probuvanje ;) pa posle moze i filc ke dojde na red :) Ej a sto ima vo tie kantickite?
Caos :))

misha said...

That felt looks yummy! Where did you get it? In Macedonia? I can't wait to see what you'll make with it.

As for the decoupage and cold porcelain, I'm resisting that temptation! :))) It's a very dangerous territory - once you try it, there's no going back :)

Cronitty lady said...

I like to work with felt. My son and I did some things together. I'm making some Christmas ornaments from felt too.

Cronitty lady said...

My son pressed enter before I finished message. :-)
I like crocheted flower from first photo, and can't wait to see what you did for your swap partner.

kreativka said...

super su ti projekti, radovi odlični....

drenka said...

Nataly-a bas pomisliv na tebe vcera koga go kupuvav filcot, ja vidov glinata i fimo masa i si pomisliv da kupam toa, ama nekako ne me privlekuva da go pravam toa.
Misha-I know about the temptation, but what can I do, I've seen so many things with porcelain and decoupage I just have to make some.And I bought this felt cloth here in Macedonia, but I may order something from internet, cause they don't have many shades of color.
Cronnitty lady-I see that your son is a blog reader, too :))
Kreativka-Hvala puno!

bensedin art said...

Uvek treba probati nešto novo. Mašta radi svašta, a ja jedva čekam da vidim šta si uradila od filca!

Drangulije said...

hej... pa ovo je super... ako sam dobro razumela i videla filcala si?
posebno mi skrece paznju kombinacija belo crno... da li je to ogrlica, deo ogrlice?
ma sta god da je super je! :)

drenka said...

Nataly-zaboraviv da ti kazam, vo kantickite nema nisto, ama gi koristam za da stavam vo niv monistri i sl.
benesdin art-pa nema jos ideju za filc, mozda ce biti neki cvjetic, neznam
drangulija-belo/crna kombinacije ce biti ogrlica, fali joj jos jedan cvet ili nesto slicno.i meni je ta kombinacija favorit

Kimara@weefolkart said...

If you need a little nudge to dabble with felt... I'll nudge you :) You do beautiful work and I'm sure you'd enjoy working with felt and create lovely projects. I knit, sorta crochet, wood work, etc. Each gives me a different sense of pleasure. Hope you do play with felt a bit. And I hope you share your finished projects with us! Have fun and good luck.