01 December 2009

Cotton found and knitted hat

So, to answer your questions from the previous post.
I know the client well. I know her in person, not from Internet. While I am in Croatia sometimes we hang out on the beach, in the coffee-shop etc. She is not in a hurry about the bag, and she said that she could wait for the summer to receive it in person, and she said that she will find a way to pay me now, so we don't have to wait for the summer. Even if she didn't say that I would probably send the bag as soon as I am ready, because I don't thrust her all the way, but I could say that I trust her this much.

I found the black thread for the bag. It's not 100% what I was looking for, but I swatched and I am satisfied with the results. I bought two skeins of 100% cotton.

And another project that I finished is the Beanpole Beanie from Rachel Weaver. Because I am new knitter I couldn't deal with the pattern including the cables at the ribbing and I did it without them. I know how to make cables and I don't find them difficult to make them, but because they are so many, I said NO to the cables.

As you can see it from the picture, I made it to small. If this was crochet I would definitely ripped it, but since this is a knitting project, I am not ripping it. There are two answers to this problem. It is either wearing it too small, or giving it to a child since I suppose that a child would wear it perfectly.


misha said...

Glad you found a solution for the bag. The hat does seem a bit small, yes, but congratulations on your knitting!

Diana said...

Lijepo napredujes s pletenjem. Ja sam dugo plela, prije nego me uhvatila manija kukicanja, ali nikad nisam probala isplesti kapu ili carape :))).
Sigurna sam da bi ti i filcanje islo isto tako dobro!

Hobbygåsa said...

Congratulations on your knitting! The hat is great, and perhaps you can give it to a child for X-mas :-) Yarn looks great for the bag, looking forward to see it finished.