04 September 2008

Still tired

So, after spending 5 weeks away for home you come back and feel relaxed and wonderful. That feeling stops after 2-3 days.
You think that these nice feelings would stay forever? No!!! You are wrong there, BIG TIME! Other people see it at different way.
They haven't seen you in 5 weeks and they all want to see you the first day you come back. Off course, you don't have enough time to see them all in the first day and you spend the next two weeks visiting friends and close relatives. This is the time that you realize that you are getting to feels more tired and forget about the long holiday.
This is how it has been for me for the last 10 days. I have spent 2 days in city Tetovo, and 3 days in city Kumanovo. All the other days I have been in my home city Skopje, seeing people that I haven't seen before, studding and surfing the net.
This is how you get to be in a situation to read a lot of good blogs, but no time to comment them.

I haven't been doing much crafts for a long time. I have a lot of started projects, but still don't have the energy to continue them.
Before my 5 weeks break I crocheted one quick bag for a newborn baby. It was pretty easy and fast because all I did is made 2 grannies, joined them together and made one long strap.

While I was away in Croatia I managed to do only one craft related thing. I wrote the pattern for my Ripple Top. I have to write it on my computer so I can publish it as a free pattern. Hope to do that soon, because I had few requests allready.


misha said...

Znam taj osećaj, ali proci ce cim se dohvatis heklice :)))

honeysuckle said...

The baby bag is so cute. And I'm going to save the pattern once you post it, for when I learn to chrochet. Hope you get some rest soon!

Nan said...

I'm glad you are back safely, and I hope you enjoyed your vacation, even if feels like a distant memory already!

I know that the pattern you write for the ripple top will be a big hit, my daughter would love one and I will be very happy to make her one when you do post the pattern. I am working on my plarn curtain for my back door window, but I also have too many projects going at one time as you mentioned you have! I have a problem with starting too many projects and then wanting to start even more! Hugs, Nan

Kathleen said...

Wow, you must be popular! x K

Jasna Sontag said...

Bok! Dansam slučajno opet otvorila onaj svoj blog, potpuno sam zaboravila na njega. I ne znam više ni kak da uđem da nekaj dopišem ili promijenim, al nema veze. Svoje radove pokazujem na Ravelryju pa ih tamo možeš pogledat, pod nickom pravired.

Sandra said...

yay za uputu! Sječam se kako je i mene očarala ta torbica!

Radica said...

Lepo, jednostavno i `pravo zensko`... Jos jedan dokaz da su sve genijalne stvari jednostavne. Ipak, ima neki Tvoj `shmek`!
Drago mi je da ponovo drzis heklicu u rukama!