03 June 2008

Testing, testing

I have been testing the pattern for the Recycled Purseability Bag. It was written by Nannybird at Ravelry. Now when I finished it I think that I would like to crochet it again, but using different yarn.I think that it would be good also if I used regular yarn, or even felting it. If I really do it again, I would use very thin yarn and smaller hook so I can make myself small handbag. I think that It would be perfect. Overall, I love your pattern.

I am getting to think that I am getting addicted to using plarn (plastic bag yarn).

Here are my two projects that I told you about in my previous post. The Granny Square Earrings where I am using wire:

And my pantyhose rug:


Lorna said...

Jako volim tvoje radove! Uzela pod kukicu konac, plastične vreče, žicu ili najlonke... sve je sjajno, inovativno i praktično!

Nan said...

your earrings are really cute, glad you liked the pattern enough to make it again.

I found your rug out of pany hose very interesting it made me think of this sight someone else sent to me.


For crocheting with old T-shirts. That is something I want to try next.

Sandra said...

sviđa mi se rug! volim takve stvari - važno da se reciklira!

A naušnice - odlično - prije 2-3 mjeseca i ja sam nešto heklala od žice, ali toliko sam psovala da su me djeca zamolila da se okanem toga,!

DEA said...

Šta da ti kažem?
Ideje su ti za 10!

AzAzura said...

Hi there!

I was wondering, for the gorgeous black bag what material of yarn did you use? can you please explain.
Thanks and have a nice weekend

drenka said...

For the black bag I have used yarn made form plastic bags. I cut the bags in strips and made yarn of them.Then I crocheted it in this beautifull bag.
This link os one of the many tutorials that you can use to cut the plastic bags.

Zana said...

Torbica je super. Što se tiče recikliranja, do sada sam isprobala razne tehnike heklanja. Hvala ti da si me podsetila moram se tome vratiti ponovo. Odlično je što sve isprobavaš.

AzAzura said...

Thank you so much drenka ,

Diana said...

Odlicne ideje! Jako mi se svidja ova nausnica od zice. Steta bi bila da ne napravis i drugu :-).

honeysuckle said...

I love the earrings! That's a great idea. You really make me want to sit down with a hook and finally learn how to crochet.