08 March 2008

Lorna's Scarf and Crocheted Kitty

I haven't blogged for two weeks. I have been studying and I can now proudly say that I have 8 exams left. And what am I studying? I am a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies.
There, I said it at loud :)

Let’s continue with crafty things.
First, I must say “Thank you” to Lorna. She is really great and I am very happy that I got to know her. Even that I never met her in person; I can sense that she is pretty terrific. She was kind enough to knit me a scarf. It is white, chunky and soft with beautiful texture and pattern. Again, I say “Thank you, Lorna”.

On the second picture above you can see my Crocheted Kitty. I found a knitted version and thought that I could alter it so I can crochet it. I wasn’t wrong, it turned out cute. I can’t find anything appropriate to put for the eyes. I found the pattern here via Ravelry.


romantales said...

Very nice scarf! Lorna made a great gift for you.

Lorna said...

Anny time!
It was pleasure making it for you!
Pleasure is bigger knowing that you like it!

honeysuckle said...

Love the kitty! Maybe you could just use some black thread and embroider the eyes and mouth?

drenka said...

honeysuckle--- Yes, I know that I could embroider them, but embroidery is not my thing.I'll ask my mom to do it for me.

Goce said...

Lorna je divna, jaurna sam dako lijep šal! Sig će ga Drenka ponosno nositi!

Catz said...

Oh I love the kittie