14 October 2007

One day trip to Ohrid, Macedonia

This is my second trip to Ohrid this year. You can check out my previous trip here.

The weather was not good at all. It was raining all day. But that didn't stop me from doing anything. I was sightseeing all day.

Every time I go somewhere, I try to buy jewelry that will make me remember the trip.

First, here are my Sunstone bracelet and earrings:

And second, these are my Tigers eye earrings and bracelet:

I don't know anything about this materials and that's why I did my homework. While I was surfing on the net I found out that Tiger's eye stone is actually a semi-precious stone. Now, I'm even happier with my jewelry :) .


Anonymous said...

Coming from Ohrih one would expect you'd bring some 'ohridski biser' :)
As an ex-yugoslavian I'd like to go to Ohrid and when I go there I want to buy those pearls. So... I hope they are still around.

drenka said...

I allready have a lot of pieces with the Ohrid pearls. This time I boughr something else.