11 May 2007

pin cushion

I have a great looking pin cushion. Here it is:


Actually this is not a real pin cushion, but I'm gonna use it like that. I received this "thing" as a present. I'm calling it a "thing" because I don't remember the real name. When I was in Croatia, a distant cousin gave it to me. My grandmother and other grannies used this "thing" to carry big bowls and tubes with water or other heavy things on their head. Apparently, this is a smaller version of that "thing" they used. The woman who gave me this one, sad to me that she was making these as souvenirs and gave two of them to me.


For couple of years this "thing" was hanging on the wall and reminded me of my grandma. But for now on it has two purposes:

1-reminder of my still alive grandma;

2-pin cushion;

As I'm looking at it, I realize that this is actually very easy to be made.



















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