01 May 2007

Ohrid, Macedonia

I've been on a trip in Ohrid that lasted two days(26-27.04.2007). Two days walking with joy.

Ohrid is a very beautiful city.It is a cultural, spiritual and tourist center of Macedonia. I like it because of it's architecture and historic monuments.The traditional woodcarving school is dating from the 14th century and you can find original handmade wood carvs here. You can also find unique handmade jewelery like filigree and Ohrid pearl.

Ohrid is a great city.I've had a wonderful time.You can see some of the pictures that I made.

The beautiful and transparent Ohrid Lake is one of the largest in Europe.It is 4-10 milion years old.There are more than 200 endemic species (flora and fauna) living at the bottom of the sea.

The Church St. Jovan Kaneo is dedicated to St.Jovan Bogoslov.This church originates from the 13th century. Here it is:


Antic theatre:

The Samoil fortress stands on the hill above the town.I didn't get a chance to get in because it was very late, but I took a picture of the outside walls:

Ohrid architecture:

I didn't had a chance to see all of the "treasures" in Ohrid, but hopefully I will soon.

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